What an Amazing Few Weeks! Pura Tierra Update. WOW!

What an Amazing Few Weeks! Pura Tierra Update. WOW!

Wow…What an amazing few weeks!! This process so far has been so heart warming and enlightening – we have such a beautiful group of diverse people from around the world coming together to make this wonderful community.  After years of hard work, time and dedication we can finally see the community taking shape – the vision becoming a reality.  We are so excited and so fortunate to be able to share our lives with such amazing people in a community created by such big, open hearts.

We have also received some very exciting news … We have been contacted by a new magazine about doing an article on Pura Tierra! Truly amazing. It is such a blessing to know that our project will reach people’s hearts before we even begin to get our hands dirty building. We are planning to contact media outlets, that align with our vision, to help spread our progress but it is really quite exciting that they are coming to us! We are also excited to announce that one of our founding community members is a talented filmmaker who is producing a beautiful in-depth documentary on the creation and evolution of Pura Tierra.

For the landowners this is great as having a huge audience to open up to visitors and retreats will help to ensure we have the funds to sustain our lives in our new homes. Also have you seen how many likes we are getting on Facebook? WOW! Truly feeling the love! We will have the hands to help with work and to share in this process and the visitors who will bring back their experience to their communities to help vibrate this way of living throughout the world.


Community Members
Something that has really blown us away is the fact that this project has interested people with so many varied specialties! What we have attracted so far are a yoga instructor/healer, web designer, ethical business leader, artist, shamanic healer, traditional builder, permaculturist, raw food chef, handyman, organic farmer, lawyer, Waldorf teacher, surf instructor, filmmaker, nutritionist, naturopath, doula, acupuncturist … Hmmm and so much more!

Check out some of Pura Tierra’s Community Members amazing work:

Keep an eye on our Community Members page for more bios & videos of our community members.

There are a few other specialties that would be very useful to have and so please share this newsletter with anyone you know who would be a great addition to the Pura Tierra family.  Skills in the following would be a great asset to the community:

  • graphic design
  • Waldorf schooling
  • yoga
  • jewelery making
  • engineering
  • holistic healing
  • organic farming (especially tropical!)
  • marketing
  • making natural body products or any type of specialty food products


As things have started to heat up and we have more and more people interested we do not want those that really really want to be part of this community to miss out.  In consultation with those already signed up to be part of Pura Tierra we have decided to make a slight change within the cost structure. The initial committed members have decided to add a few layers to the cost structure to give an incentive those that sign up earlier in the process (and to compensate the additional time and effort the initial members will have to put in to this community to get it set up). It is imperative that we buy the land quickly due to the fact that we are seeing recent price increases in Costa Rican Real estate plus many of the committed members want to see the purchase of the land happen by the end of the year. We are all super excited to start building our new community and homes! Please keep in mind that by purchasing the land, this does not mean you need to make “the big move” immediately. In fact a few people have already indicated they will not join the community immediately but will visit and contribute when they can.

In order for this group land purchase to work its essential that we have people on board and depositing their funds as soon as possible.  Due to the demand we are receiving it is highly likely there will not be any available individual acreages available once the land for Pura Tierra is acquired.

The following price structure is now in effect unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon for your purchase of 1 acre of titled land at Pura Tierra:

  •  $19,500 – Pay deposit and start your payments before July 1, 2012 and receive a $500 incentive … This applies to all those who have already given their deposits.
  • $20,000 – Pay deposit and start your payments before Aug 1, 2012.
  • $22,000 – Pay deposit and start your payments before Sep 1, 2012 (only if land is not purchased by this time).
  • $26,000 – Pay deposit and start your payments after Sep 1, 2012 (only if land is not purchased by this time).
  • $30,000 – After land has been purchased by initial community members (only if there are any acres left to sell).


Again we want to reiterate that it is truly important that we have the right people and not just the money to purchase the land. We have turned a few people away who were not the right “fit” for Pura Tierra.  If your individual circumstances do not allow you to meet the above schedule then please please talk to us. We want to make this work for you if we can!

The Pura Tierra Community Members have agreed that this is the best way to make sure that we have everyone on board and will be able to buy the land within the year. We of course welcome your honest feedback, so again please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pura Tierra Forum
We will be implementing the Pura Tierra Discussion Forum this week.  This forum will enable us to start building community immediately.  Everyone who has paid their deposit will be granted access to the forum so they can discuss and share their thoughts, plans and anything Pura Tierra & Costa Rica related with their new friends, family and neighbours.


Sharing is Caring
Please remember that this community, how it grows and what it becomes is down to each and everyone of us.  We encourage you all to provide feedback and contribute any ideas you may have.

It is a truly wonderful feeling when you can see and feel all of our collective dreams becoming reality.


Love, Light and Pura Vida!

Leslie, Neil, Kade & Mila

Pura Tierra
[email protected]



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