Land Selection Update

Land Selection Update

We have been locked in land discussions with our Real Estate friends in Costa Rica. One of the key messages being communicated loud and clear is that there are water shortages in the Northern areas of Costa Rica.  As we all know, clean drinking water is the most basic, paramount necessity for an Eco Village that will be supporting 20 families.
We of course want to ensure we do all we can to capture water in catchment systems and reduce water wastage (composting toilets anyone? ;)) but it is also essential that we have a reliable consistent natural water source year round.  All properties we are looking at have natural springs or rivers but we are finding that properties slightly further south offer higher quality, larger and fresher water sources (and these usually come with natural swimming holes (some even with waterfalls!!!) to cool off in during the summer heat!).

Based on this we now have 2 areas we are focusing our land search on. Between Manuel Antonio and Uvita; and the Nicoya Peninsula.  Based on our research and feedback from our contacts in Costa Rica it would now seem that the Nicoya Peninsula may be unsustainable for an eco village of the size we are planning, and within our budget, unless the property has a significant water source. The land at each of the locations we are looking at satisfies the following criteria:

  • Year round water to support the WHOLE community
  • Close to the beautiful beaches of the pacific coast.
  • A great layout with space for a yoga platform, pool, a shared kitchen & social area, rental cabinas, and shared bathroom facilitiess.
  • Space and land in which to grow crops, more fruit trees and gardens for the community.
  • Scenic Views of jungle covered mountains and/or the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
  • Close proximity to a central hub for supplies while still being far enough away from civilization.
  • Established rainforest/trees/jungle and the wildlife that comes with it.
  • Reasonable distance to closest airports/tourism hubs for ease of retreats and to help with supplementing income.
  • Space for expansion if at some point we decide that we want the community to grow slightly and to conserve land around us to maintain wildlife corridors and protect the land from future development and logging, etc.
  • And a magical piece of land of course ;)

To view more pictures and read more details about the land we are looking at further South in Costa Rica.  Please click here.



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  1. I will be in Pavones Costa Rica next week and was hoping to see something. Are you guys already in Costa Rica? Do you have a definite location yet? Also, how does this work exactly? How much land are you looking at all together? Terrain? Will there be any kind of assistance in building our family homes? I have 3 boys, from 18 mos-12yrs, and love the idea but am concerned about Dr’s and education.

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