Pura Tierra Update

Pura Tierra Update

Hello Beautiful Friends! 2500+ Facebook likes! WOW – We remember when we were so excited to get to 100!! :) Thank you so much for all your love & support! What a wonderful journey it has been so far. Please continue to share our posts so we can grow further and spread the word that this way of living is real and possible !

We feel like we are constantly saying this right now – we are feeling amazingly blessed and inspired!! We are geting so close to finalizing the 20 Community Members for Pura Tierra! We now have a Web Designer, Yoga Instructors, Raw Food Chefs, Naturopaths, Natural Builders, Earth Ship Builders, Engineers, Artists, Project Managers, Facilitators, Organic Farmers, Natural Birth Expert, Sound Therapist, Permaculturists , Shaman Inspired Healer, Tai Chi Instructor and so many more talents as part of Pura Tierra. Not to forget the beautiful children who bring so much to this wonderful community! ? What a talented group and – so much we WILL achieve together.

This is a community where we will bring our unique abilities and life together to create something extraordinary. Pura Tierra is a place where we will live with the land, not against it, where we will practice sacred arts while sharing that healing with others. Whether that be in the form of sustainable building, art, yoga, bodywork, holistic practice, organic and raw food, meditation, tai chi, shamanism, permaculture, organic farming, sacred economics, energetic healing practices, sustainable living or raising your family in a holistic environment (Oh, did we mention dancing? :) ). If you are a family, couple or an individual that understands this area of life and direct your lives from the heart, Pura Tierra will be an amazing place for you.

We have met some amazing people who are also committed to visiting our village to offer their services to the community whether it be natural building retreats to build our central community areas, an extremely talented artist from BC to paint a mural or alternative energy experts looking to come build and teach sustainable energy solutions – we are already getting regular contact from people so excited to contribute to Pura Tierra in any way they can :)

There is still a few plots of land that have not been spoken for yet and therefore if you wish to be part of Pura Tierra there is still an opportunity for you to do so!!! ? Check out http://www.puratierra.org/?page_id=2 for more detailed information about the community and email us at [email protected] if you want to discuss further.

Thank you once again for being part of this journey and we look forward to welcoming you to our village in the near future.

Love, Light and Pura Vida! ?

Pura Tierra



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