Pura Tierra is a sustainable intentional community Eco Village in Costa Rica. Together we are growing a peaceful, healing & conscious community of visionary leaders, yoginis, teachers, holistic practitioners, organic and raw chefs, artists, natural builders, organic farmers – spiritual people & families from all walks of life.




Pura Tierra EcoVillage Costa Rica Mission Statement


Pura Tierra is all about bringing like minded people together to create a sustainable community that is as off-grid and self sufficient as possible.


We are so truly excited and inspired!  It is such an amazing thing to be able to communicate so many years of effort and to begin to co-create Pura Tierra Eco Village with your help.  First off we want to be clear that this project is NOT a collaboration of business people set on making a profit to satisfy their big spending investors. This IS a unique opportunity to own land in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world using a “group” purchase scenario by pooling our funds together to start a wonderful Eco Village. We want to ensure that everyone understands that this project is not about making a profit or purchasing land to hold. Sure, if you did ever sell your property (which we are pretty confident you will not :-) ), you will likely do so for a profit, however if this is your intention behind your investment in Pura Tierra you are likely in the wrong place.


This is a community where we are bringing our unique abilities and lives together to create something extraordinary. Pura Tierra is a place where we live with the land, not against it, where we practice sacred arts while sharing that healing with others. Whether that be in the form of sustainable building, art, yoga, bodywork, holistic practice, organic and raw food, meditation, tai chi, shamanism, permaculture, organic farming, sacred economics, energetic healing practices, sustainable living or raising your family in a holistic environment (Oh, did we mention dancing? ). If you are a family, couple or an individual that understands this area of life and direct your lives from the heart, Pura Tierra will be an amazing place for you.


Our whole ethos is to make the land inexpensive for us all in order to create a thriving life where we will not have to worry about that classic 9-5 grind. The opportunity to create retreats is a place where many of us will be able to supplement our incomes but if you will be living here full time it will be beneficial to have a back up profession, or two ;) For example, although our main focus is on Healing Arts and Yoga, Leslie also creates wonderful art, clothing and jewellery and Neil is a web designer and certified project manger and will continue to provide technical support in the area when need be. Another beautiful part about Pura Tierra retreats is that any time you go on vacation or if you don’t plan on being here full time (or you could possibly even build an extra cabina on your land) you can rent it out. We will have a rental management aspect of the community to manage rentals, maintenance, housekeeping, and marketing/ advertising for a percentage-based fee so you can easily rent out your property as part of Pura Tierra.


It is important that any prospective Pura Tierra community member fully understands that where Pura Tierra Eco Village needs to meet your needs and expectations and be the right community for you, it is also equally important that you are the right fit for this exciting community. As we will be growing, healing, living and working together it is fundamental that we all share a very similar vision, even though we will most likely come from differing backgrounds and bring different life experiences, wisdom and expertise – That’s part of what makes this project so exciting!


To begin with there will only be  20 available plots in the community, meaning there are only a few left to purchase as of December 2013. In terms of the land itself we have found our home by Dominical in the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

To meet the needs of our community, the chosen land met the following criteria:

  • Year round water to support the WHOLE community (waterfalls or rivers to create swimming holes a major plus).
  • Close to the beautiful beaches of the pacific coast.
  • A great layout with space for a yoga platform, pool, a shared kitchen & social area, rental cabinas, and shared bathroom facilities.
  • Space and land in which to grow crops, more fruit trees and gardens for the community.
  • Scenic Views of jungle covered mountains and/or the beautiful Pacific Ocean, especially for the Yoga Platform.
  • Close proximity to a central hub for supplies while still being far enough away from civilization.
  • Established rainforest/trees/jungle and the wildlife that comes with it.
  • Reasonable distance to closest airports/tourism hubs for ease of retreats and supplementing income.
  • Space for expansion is an asset if at some point we decide that we want the community to grow slightly.
  • Oh and a magical piece of land of course ;)


Once we have the required number of Community members onboard and the funds in the Pura Tierra account, we will then begin subdividing, laying the basic infrastructure and creating the individual building plots. On completion of the land infrastructure development any community member can, and is strongly encouraged to join us in Costa Rica to start building all of the communal areas.


We will start with the shared kitchen,community area, bathrooms, gardens, and cabinas in order to create accommodation and facilities to enable us to start hosting our first retreats – sustainable building and permaculture. :-) Once all of the communal areas are built, we want you to have the opportunity to utilize sustainable building retreats to build your own home if this is the style of eco conscious home you would like. The communal areas that will be built following this are the yoga platform, organic farm, playground area, school room/playroom for kids, relaxing / hammock area (Although we are pretty confident there will already be a few swinging in the breeze after all the hard work building the community). The relaxation area will double as a workshop/learning zone/library/presentation and video screening area. And will of course be a great area for some dancing too!!


We will insure that all plots are as close to 1 acre as possible.  Your purchase will also give you an equal ownership of all community land.  It is quite amazing what you can do with your space here in Costa Rica primarily because most of your living space is outdoors due to the wonderful climate (large houses are definitely not needed, wanted or encouraged).


There will be some established community guidelines that all community members will need to adhere to, for example, building small footprint houses utilizing sustainable building practices using natural, local materials resulting in aesthetically pleasing infrastructure that is integrated into a flowing landscape, and uses renewable resources for energy needs; or should you one day decide to sell (which will likely not happen, ever :-) ), the new buyer would need to be accepted by the community council to ensure the fit and suitability with the Pura Tierra community. There will also be common sense regulations established to protect the wildlife, the land and the community, and all designs, building and site plans must be approved by the Pura Tierra Community Council (Environmental Review).


Citizens and non-citizens of Costa Rica are granted the same ownership rights for property in this wonderful country.

  • To begin the purchase process and have your account set up, we require a $2000 non-refundable deposit. This deposit confirms your intent to buy a plot at Pura Tierra and enables us to pay the legal costs, land surveys, etc. to divide up the plots.
  • The current purchase price for you own legally owned land at Pura Tierra is $30,000 and we ask that this is paid within 30 days of paying your deposit.
  • Of course getting the right people on-board is of the utmost importance, so if these arrangements do not work for you, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help where possible.

Once the Pura Tierra land itself is purchased you will have a 30 day grace period, if for any reason you decide you no longer want the land, once notified during the grace period, all funds will be released to you from the Pura Tierra account minus 10% of your payment. Although, we have confidence that no one will be giving their land back, we have set up this community protection fee due to the fact that it could prove to be detrimental to a small community purchase if one were to change their mind at the last minute and decide this lifestyle is not for them. Once the Pura Tierra land is purchased and all parcels of land are sold, it will be possible to sell your land should you decide to leave the community. This will involve the Pura Tierra Community locating a new member who is the right fit for the community and agreeing upon and accepting your sale price, before any balance can be transferred to you, the seller.  Therefore please make sure all of your questions are answered before you make the commitment to be part of this community. We assure you that everyone will have their important roles to play. We are only the individuals that are getting the neighbourhood started; it will take all of our unique skills and abilities to create our Eco Village.  True co-creation of our shared intentional community! :)

Once the retreats are in motion they will be providing a percentage of money back to the community for extra building, maintenance, landscaping and farming, upkeep of community facilities, etc., however, until the retreats are in full swing and providing a percentage of that income back into the land, we will need all community members to contribute to the Pura Tierra Capital Reserve Fund. There will be a $100 monthly fee that will last for the initial 2 years or until the retreats can provide enough that community members will no longer need to contribute. Finally we should also consider that there will be some small legal fees for government building permits, creation of your corporation, closing and transfer taxes when you purchase the land and finalize your building plans. And don’t forget about property taxes, although they are almost non-existent in Costa Rica – property taxes are currently a quarter of a percent of the claimed value of your property – WOW!



So now that you have more information about Pura Tierra, if this is the opportunity and life changing choice you have been looking for then, please let us know as soon as possible. We can then chat further to answer all your questions. We do anticipate there are hundreds more questions you would like answered and we are happy to answer them and post them on the Q&A section of PuraTierra.org
Finally, we would like to remind you that there are only 3 spaces available at this time and the purchase of the land is on a first come, first served basis, should we mutually agree that this community is right for you. We very much look forward to speaking to all of you who are interested in this unique opportunity to be one of the founding community members and of course, getting to know our new neighbours. :-)


If you want to know more about Living in Costa Rica we highly recommend reading Living Abroad in Costa Rica by Erin van Rheenan to answer almost all of your questions.


These are exciting times to make dreams become reality and live true Pura Vida. We look forward to building this dream with you.


Namaste, Love & Light,


The Pura Tierra Family :)

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